Official online shop BALDOWSKI working at is run by the vendor - Monika Baldowska-Maksymowicz located 44-200 Częstochowa,
ul. Warszawska 411, TIN 949-170-75-28. Its purpose is to allow purchase via the Internet.

  1. Browsing offer select size and then add to the cart by clicking the button "to cart".
  2. After selecting products is stage of order realization for this purpose click on "order" button and then choose one of three available options: order without account registration,with registration or logging into your account.
  3. Account registration gives you the ability to view the history of orders and there is no need to fill a form with an address for shipping in subsequent orders. You can always change your data.The next step is selecting one of the methods of payment.

  1. All prices in shop are retail gross prices (including VAT). Price of the commodity specified in the content of the Shop offer includes taxes and all charges required by applicable law. Price does not include the cost of supply of goods, which amount is shown separately.
  2. Binding the parties to transaction is the price appearing with this product at the time of order by the customer subject to the point 6 "General conditions of sale"
  3. Product price, which at the time of order is not available, may change after its re-introduction to the e-shop, but Customers who have begun the process of order commodity make the purchase under the conditions prevailing at the time of order. Vendor issued to clients who purchase goods, proof of sale in accordance with separate provisions. Proof of purchase is sent to the Customer along with the purchased goods.
  4. The moment of reservation the product for a given order is moment of the booking funds on Vendor account.
  5. In the case of circumstances for wich the vendor is not responsible, resulting in malfunction of the computer system (force majeure) and, consequently unintended changes in the description of the products or their price, vendor undertakes to inform customer of the occured situation, indicating at the same time proper price and its correct description. In this case the customer has only the right to:

    - cancellation of the order (paid funds will be returned without interest within 7 working days)
    - change or limit order
    - maintain order, in this case time of its implementation my be extended and customer will be informed abou that by the shop service by e-mail or phone
    because of the inconvenience customer have no claim for compensation.
  6. The conclusion of the sale and purchase agreement is the moment of issuance by shop service proof of purchase for the order- receipt or invoice. The need of issue a VAT invoice must be notified to the shop service (in the notes to the order).
  7. Orders made on Saturday, Sunday or holidays, will be realized next working day.
  8. Each made order is equivalent with acceptance of shop Regulations at
  9. In case of unavailability of products ordered and paid Customer is immediately informed of this fact by the shop service and decide how to realize the rest of made order ( partial realization, prolongation waiting time for a missing product, replacing missing product to another one or cancelling whole order and return money without interest within 7 working days).
  10. The vendor is not responsible for mistakes made by customer in order form, by which the consignment has not arrived to addressee, and also for the unjustified refusal of the consignment receive.
  11. Conditions for the implementation of the model for special order:

    - waiting time to 14 days
    - no extra costs
    - on products of sale effects an output price, from before the reduction
    - in the case of shoes besides the offer (e.g. color change or trims) not subject to the right of withdrawal referred to the art. 38 the protection of some consumer rights.

  1. We send shoes next business day after booking of payment (foreign shipping - delivery within 6 days).
  2. We realize international shipments within Europe (also Ukraine, Russia, Belarus) and USA. Shipping cost is fixed - €15 Europe / €45 to USA
    (regardless of quantity and form of payment). Realization of foreign orders occurs only after receipt the money to the vendor account.

The customer can choose one of the following methods of payment:

  1. Credit card (no charge)
  2. PayPal
    (no charge)
  3. Payment to a bank account in PLN / EURO currency:

IBAN: PL28102016640000360204339438 SWIFT: BPKOPLPW ; Monika Baldowska-Maksymowicz, 42-200 Częstochowa, ul. Warszawska 411
PKO BP 71102016640000350200220772 ; Monika Baldowska-Maksymowicz, 42-200 Częstochowa, ul. Warszawska 411

  1. All products offered on are new and free from physical and legal defects and have been legally launched to the Polish market.
  2. In any case, all products are covered by 24 months vendor liability for the conformity of the goods under the terms of Act of 07/27/2002 on the detailed conditions of consumer sale and amendments of the Civil Code (OJ 2002, No. 141 item 1176 with later. D.).
  3. Within 21 days the customer is entitled to return goods without giving reasons within the withdrawal, according to general principles arising from the provisions on distance contracts (in accordance with Art. 7 of the Act of March 2, 2000. the protection of consumer rights), making a statement to the vendor (return form) in writing. Returned merchandise in this mode (we suggest Poczta Polska - Polish Postal Service) will be accepted only if it does not bear traces of use, with its complete contents along with proof of purchase (invoice or receipt).
  4. Please return shoes to the address: ZAKŁAD PRODUKCJI OBUWIA WIESŁAW BALDOWSKI, UL. WARSZAWSKA 411, 42-200 CZĘSTOCHOWA
  5. To the return shipment you have to attach completed form (withdrawal form - pdf 300KB)
    of withdrawal, your personal data, and a clear indication on what bank account return the money.
  6. In the case of shoes besides the offer (e.g. color change or trims) not subject to the right of withdrawal referred to the art. 38 the protection of some consumer rights.
  7. In the case of recognize withdrawal from the agreement we send the returned money (only bank transfer) within 7 working days after we receive the returned package along with the form of return.
  8. In the case of complaints customer is obligated to send the complaint product at is own expense along with completed form (complaint form - pdf 300KB)
  9. Vendor examine the case within 21 days of receipt of goods, including clarified the cause of the complaint. Customer will receive information on how to consider the complaint by electronic mail on the address associated with your account.

  1. Content of the regulations is binding upon the parties in accordance with the wording, at the time of the order.
  2. Any disputes arising in connection with the implementation of agreements of purchase - sales between shop and consumers will be resolved in the first instance through negotiation, with the intention of amicable settlement of the dispute. However, if there is not possible or it would be unsatisfactory for either party, any dispute shall be settled by the Court. Competent court to settle disputes arising on the background activity of the Vendor is the competent Polish Common Court of Law.
  3. In matters not covered above Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code are applied.